Greek born and raised, Triantafyllos Vaitsis studied Environmental Engineering and worked as an engineer before turning fully to art. From the early stages of his life, he explored various forms of art as an amateur – wood carving, complicated constructions with wire and metal, painting, theatre and poetry –  until 2008 when he discovered the art of shadows. It fascinated him and led him to quit his job and become a (self-taught) full time artist. Since then he has embarked on a journey of designing and creating shadow art installations whilst communicating his thoughts, emotions and concerns on perpetually current topics. Time, knowledge, change, evolution, philosophy and politics as well as concepts of our times like the way the human brain processes ideas and notions is where Triantafyllos draws inspiration from, to name but a few.  

He has had over 15 solo and collective exhibitions in Greece and 6 international exhibitions in the UK, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus and Taiwan.  

Shadow art sculptures of his belong to private collections in Greece and abroad and have been commissioned by big companies and corporations.  

He lives and works in Xanthi, Greece (where he holds his studio and a permanent exhibition open to the public).   



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