Karyatis – Καρυάτιδα

Back to page / Επιστροφή στη σελίδα  This is a creation that states my opposition to antiquity. The figure results from a space (where light finds a space, it passes and forms Caryatid). The space symbolizes loss, as it is reported in the Caryatid that was stolen and is currently housed in the British Museum,Συνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «Karyatis – Καρυάτιδα».

Joy – Χαρά

Back to page / Επιστροφή στη σελίδα Joy  The third of the six artworks of the unit “PSYCHE”. The feeling of Joy is very importand for our soul and this is the reason that I choosed to create it as a shadow. A woman “is flying” by this feeling (joy). Naked. Without clothes. Free. WithoutΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «Joy – Χαρά».

Amusement – Διασκέδαση

Back to page / Επιστροφή στη σελίδα Amusement  This sculpture belongs to the unit «Soul». It is the second of the six sculptures in the section and was built in 2015.  It is very important for our souls to have fun. Everyone will find his own way … I chose dance and wine as theirΣυνεχίστε να διαβάζετε «Amusement – Διασκέδαση».